Don’t be shy about dry eye

Do you find that your eyes feel drier in winter than at any other time of year? Or that your eyes are producing more tears than usual, but that they still feel blurry, irritated or gritty?

If so, you could be suffering from a condition called ‘dry eye’. Dry eye syndrome is exactly what it says – when your eyes become overly dry and uncomfortable.

Did you know that normal, healthy eyes blink an average of 22 times a minute? It’s a completely natural mechanism, designed to keep your eyes refreshed and healthy. The problem in winter is that we tend to turn the heating up and spend more time staring at a screen, whether that’s watching tv or surfing the net. Both activities have a negative effect on your eyes, because centrally heated air is very dry and staring at a screen means you blink less than usual.

Dry eye can make your eyes very uncomfortable, but it’s relatively easy to treat. Possible treatments include eye drops or ointment, a heat compress, massage or blink exercises. If dry eye is affecting you this winter, don’t be shy – come and ask us for some friendly advice.

Get shady this winter

Do you automatically assume that now summer’s over, you no longer need your specs? Are your sunglasses languishing in a drawer somewhere, waiting for the warmer months?

Most people believe that wearing shades is a summer activity, like making sandcastles or paddling in the sea. It’s easy to think your eyes aren’t at risk when the sun is weaker, as it is in the winter. The problem is that your eyes are always vulnerable to UV light, which is present all year round. UV light is a danger to your eyes whatever the season, weather or temperature.

Exposure to high levels of UV radiation causes major eye problems, like cataracts, or even cancer. Even temporary UV damage is very painful, feeling a bit like sunburn on your eyes. UV radiation can’t be seen or felt, but it still hurts your eyes – and not just when the sun is low for driving. So if you’re tempted to put on your shades, do so!

It’s especially important if you’re heading for snow or water this winter, as UV light and reflections can be intensified in the mountains or by the lake or sea. In fact, did you know that UV radiation goes up 3% for every 400 metres of altitude – even on an overcast day?

If you need advice about prescription sunglasses or how to fit your current eyewear under ski goggles, for example, pop in to see us. We’re only too happy to help you keep your peepers protected this winter.

Spectacular eyewear for children

Does your child hate the thought of wearing glasses? Does he or she forget to take them to school – or lose them somewhere at home? Perhaps your teenager is afraid that other children will tease them or that they will look unattractive in specs?

We understand these common fears, especially if your child or teen is wearing glasses for the first time. That’s why we have a range of funky and fashionable eyewear choices specifically for children and teens. Choose from exciting designer ranges Disney, No Fear, Ted Baker and Bench. These frames add a style statement to whatever your child is doing – and make them want to wear their specs!

And remember, wearing glasses is now in fashion. Just think of global phenomenon Harry Potter or, in the real world, teen star Elle Fanning, who is set to become the face of fashion brand Miu Miu in Spring 2014.

(Although, if your child would prefer something a little simpler, we also have great unbranded options, that they will love – because we know that for some children and teens, sometimes you make a statement by not making a statement.)

Of course, you can take it for granted that we will ensure your child’s specs will be ultra-comfortable and exactly right for their vision needs.