If you’re interested in contact lenses we can arrange for you to try before you buy

Contact lenses

Would you like to wear contact lenses

If you would like to experience the freedom of contact lenses but you feel hesitant as you have never worn them before, then we are here to help you. Pop in or give us a call and ask as many questions as you like. Our staff can let you see and feel what a modern contact lens is like. Then if you want to try them just ask us to arrange a contact lens assessment appointment for you. All you require is an up to date spectacle prescription which we may have tested you for and have on file or you may have a prescription from another optician which you can bring in. If you don't have an up to date prescription then we can sort that out for you too.

How Much will it cost

If you are being fitted with contact lenses for the first time by us which includes: 1)The initial assessment. 2)Contact lens handling instruction. 3)Teaching on applying the contact lenses to your eyes and the removal of the contact lenses. 4)A final contact lens fitting check up to make sure everything is fine. The cost will be only £50 or if you decide to join our contact lens Eye Plan scheme then this charge will be waived.

Contact Lens Practitioner

Dr Pryia Patel

First of all one of our optometrists will assess your suitability for contact lens wear. She will then place some lenses in your eyes to check for the most accurate and comfortable fitting.

Contact Lens Care Assistant


The next step is for Hannah to teach you how to care for your contact lenses. She will show you how to put them in and remove them from your eyes.

Book your appointment

To book an appointment at the practice that doctors trust with their eyesight, don’t hesitate to get in touch. You can contact us by calling 0208 657 3525 or by sending us an email at info@heatherbailey.co.uk.